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February 11, 2011 / veganfavorites

It’s SO Delicious!

I’m always looking for good alternatives to soy products.  I like to switch it up for variety. This favorite not only provides the alternative, it adds delicious! Turtle Mountain makes yummy vegan goodies from yogurt to ice cream and milk, all of which can be bought in their coconut base formulation. They deliver such great flavor they could convert the most staunch non-vegan. The ice cream is rich and creamy, the yogurt is tangy and the coconut milk is smooth, yummy and perfect on cereal or as a milk substitute for baking.

The So Delicious range of coconut based products.

I’ve had almost everything in the range except for the Kefir. I haven’t tried anything I don’t like. The coconut milk has become my milk of choice to keep in the fridge.  The ice cream is always what I recommend when people ask me for a dairy free alternative. I’m looking forward to getting the individual packs of milk so that I can leave them at work.  Oh, and have I mentioned they have a chocolate flavored yogurt? Yes, I said chocolate yogurt! It’s so delicious!

What’s your favorite milk substitute? Take the poll!


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