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February 23, 2011 / veganfavorites

Vegan Goodness

I feel like we have a severe lack of readily available vegan treats at our Whole Foods in the Boston area, especially compared to the Whole Foods in NYC or SF. Well, lucky for us one of my favorite places to eat in NYC has released yummy desserts that are being sold at Whole Foods nation wide. These Candle Cafe desserts come in 5 different flavors, and I have tried 3 of them so far.  I LOVE 2 of the flavors I tried: The vanilla cheesecake and the raspberry linzer tart are hands down the best of the Candle Cafe desserts available.

Candle Cafe Rasberry Tart

Candle Cafe Vanilla Cheesecake

The Raspberry Tart was deliciously tangy with the perfect hint of sweetness and a great crust that, while not crunchy, was a good balance. The Vanilla Cheesecake was creamy, delicious and sweet, but not overly so. The only thing that was missing in the cheesecake was a nice graham cracker crust to balance it out. All in all I thought they were good, and I’m looking forward to trying the muffins hitting a Whole Foods near you soon! Have you tried them? What is your favorite?



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