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February 26, 2011 / veganfavorites

Bodacious Bob!

I’m not one to go gaga over celebrities, and those I really respect and admire make up a rather short list.  Today’s fave is someone at the top of that list:  Bob Harper.

Most well-known for his role as kick-butt trainer on The Biggest Loser, Bob is also a vegan and animal rights activist.  He combines strength of physique with strength of convictions in a way that is humbling and inspirational and he’s an all-around fantastic spokesperson for a healthy lifestyle.  You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter and I suggest you do.  His posts are always motivating and will put a smile on your face, promise.  Thanks for all you do, Bob!




  1. Julia / Mar 7 2011 10:00 am

    Kinda funny how he tells people how great Jenny-O turkey is on Biggest Loser.

    • veganfavorites / Mar 7 2011 6:52 pm

      I never watch that show. That is probably just a contracted “for the show” thing. He also stumps for Quaker oatmeal which is loaded with sugar if you buy the quick flavored stuff. I guess this is his moment to make some money while he can! He does bring a lot of publicity to the vegan movement and animal compassion, so I still say Sky is right for making him a favorite!

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