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February 28, 2011 / veganfavorites

Cupcake Fave

I wish I had been with Shelley to party on her birthday this past weekend, but I was celebrating with a bunch of friends at a baby shower we held up in Sonoma instead. Luckily, the same food is perfect for both occasions: Cupcakes!  So, what better way to spend my Monday than sharing my new favorite vegan cupcake with you all.  I know I wrote about Kingdom Cake over on EWWO after I ordered some goodies for the Super Bowl, but this past weekend I tried yet another variety of their amazing mini cupcakes, and fell head over heels.  Meet Kingdom Cake’s Basil Lemon Blueberry cupcakes!

These bite-sized beauties are filled with a flavor so uniquely delicious it’ll make you swoon. Tangy lemon, tart blueberries, and herbaceous basil come together in sweet cupcake form to wow your palate and put all other cupcakes to shame!  These are definitely a must-try-to-believe experience.  Thank you KC for expanding my sweet treat repertoire.  I can’t wait until we meet again!

Sadly, Kingdom Cake is a San Francisco-only operation, so I beg forgiveness from those of you elsewhere.  I hope you can find equally delicious vegan cupcakes where you are… though I doubt it.  Guess you’ll just have to take a trip!  Cupcakes are on me when you get here.  🙂



  1. Suzy Vincent / Feb 28 2011 4:02 pm

    YUM!! I’m holding you to your “cupcakes are on me” promise 🙂

  2. veganfavorites / Feb 28 2011 5:36 pm

    Totally! I meant it! -Sky

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