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March 2, 2011 / veganfavorites

No Moo for You!

When I went vegan years ago, the vegan cheese selection was abysmal, and that’s putting it nicely.  Over the last few years, however, all that has changed.   As Shelley showed us, there is melty gooey stuff for pizzas and nachos that’ll knock your socks off, but what about when you’re having a cheese and crackers-type craving?  Enter my favorite of all the vegan cheeses: Dr. Cow

This company with the cute name makes the most amazing nut cheese (I can’t say that without smirking, can you?) in the world.  Their aged macadamia is melt-in-your-mouth perfection, and the aged cashew is divine when sliced onto bread.  But my favorite of all their outstanding varieties has got the be the Cashew Cream Cheese, pictured above. Like all Dr. Cow creations, it is raw, organic, and delicious, but this is also the creamiest and tangiest thing out there.  Unlike soy cream cheeses, which can have a chalky aftertaste, this is pure unadulterated tastiness, ready to be spread on bagels, crackers, veggies OR (recommended) directly onto your tongue.  Even better is that the only ingredients are cashews, acidophilus, and himalayan salt.  Nothing processed or refined or unnatural here…

Of course you’ll pay for this kind of artisanal food, with a 4 ounce container costing me 8 bucks at my local co-op, but for an every now and then treat?  Totally worth it.  Hopefully you can find some near you!


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