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March 4, 2011 / veganfavorites

Poetic Packs

I’m getting ready to pack up and hit the road for Florida and so I am once again reminded of the importance of a good travel bag.  My favorite is incredibly well-made, holds my computer snugly in place, has compartments for everything I carry, and is not only vegan, but made of largely recycled materials as well.  What company makes this wonder? Haiku

That is my exact backpack/computer bag and I LOVE it.  Lucky you can get one on clearance right now if you want.  I certainly paid more than $59 for mine, but I’m not bitter since it really is worth every penny.  I also have Haiku’s to-go bag, and it is the most functional, and also travel-friendly, purse I’ve ever owned.  In both cases, I’ve had them for years and they show zero signs of wear.   What more can I say?  Get one!

In closing, a haiku for my Haiku:

softly on shoulders

hang my worldly possessions

in my Haiku pack   🙂


PS.  We here at VF have made the executive decision to post M-F and take the weekends off to discover new favorites.  That being said, we’ll be back on Monday everyone.  See you then!

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