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March 11, 2011 / veganfavorites

Am I loco?

Today I’m talking about Boloco. It’s a burrito chain in the Boston area that has a number of vegan options. Recently they had a 14th birthday promotion that asked customers to suggest combinations from their existing menu items. The ones they choose would get 14 free burritos loaded onto their loyalty card.  Well, I suggested a twist on my favorite burrito, the Bangkok Thai, and much to my surprise, it got chosen! Yay for free burritos! I have to say though the promotion was really under whelming, I think they just chose me b/c I was like another product they already have, and they weren’t really looking for creative burritos, they wanted similar menu items. The way they did it in the store was to promote a menu item and then say you could sub for whatever the winning combination is.  This was mine :

The idea was that you could ask for the item by the “code name” on the day of the promotion and you would get it. The reality was that I asked for the Thai Veggie and I got a blank stare. Ok, no biggie. I just asked to sub what I wanted and it was fine. Here’s the thing, I love that I can go and get a yummy vegan burrito for lunch, it’s semi-healthy, with a vegan friendly menu that has tofu and veggie options, and you can watch them on the line to make sure they make your food right (I’m a bit crazy about that). BUT watching them make your food also brings up some questions about eating out as a vegan. I watched them make my burrito, they had just made a burrito with cheese that they had grabbed with their bare gloved hand (no tongs) then, when adding the cucumbers to my burrito ,they grabbed those with same bare gloved hands. Now when I was just vegetarian, and still now, I’m crazy when it comes to meat drippings, etc. But what about that situation? I think cheese is gross, I think employees should be using tongs in this type of situation and no bare gloved hands is necessary on the burrito line. However, I also know that eating out as a vegan exposes me to all sorts of things like that, probably worse in places that I can’t watch them cook my food.  I don’t want to stay home and never eat out, and I try to have faith that a place that has vegan options knows enough to keep it separate. It’s just nice when a restaurant is vegan friendly, you want to support them. I eat a LOT at Boloco, I’ve never really had the cheese issue before, and the food is good, I will continue to go back all the time. I might ask for a new pair of gloves next time, but I enjoy the food none the less. So yay for free burritos, boo for cheese hands. Boloco is a favorite today with an un-favorite experience.

How do you feel about eating in mixed food establishments? Would the cheese situation I described turn you off? Do you have your own experience to share? Please weigh in!

Have a great weekend!


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