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March 21, 2011 / veganfavorites

Raw Chocolate to Rock Your World

My body’s been feeling like it needs some time away from sugar lately.  What with all the traveling and overindulging I’ve been doing, it’s time to stay on the low-glycemic and unprocessed side of things for a while.  However, this does not mean deprivation, my friends!  There are tons of sugar-free vegan chocolates out there!  My fave?  The truffles from none other than Uli Mana.

My incredible haul one Valentine's Day

These insanely decadent and delicious little poppers are raw, vegan, and agave-sweetened, and they come in tons of varieties.  If I’m feeling like pure chocolate, the dark cacao truffles are my go-to. I really love the peppermint though, as that kick of organic peppermint oil is so refreshing.  However, Uli Mana’s over-the-top product is definitely that truffle butter in the foreground.  Grab a spoon and dig into a truly amazing unadulterated chocolate experience.  OMG was reserved for tastes like this, y’all.

Recently, UM started making chocolates sweetened with coconut nectar instead of agave, and I look forward to giving those a try too.  Life as a sugar-free vegan sure is SWEET!


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