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April 3, 2011 / veganfavorites

And the winner is….

Sarah P. from San Francisco, CA! I used the random number generator and her comment was the lucky one picked!

Sarah will be getting $25 in coupons for So Delicious product and a months supply of Popchips.

Popchips was kind enough to send me a couple bags of chips to try out.  I pride myself on being super honest about things I try, especially for the blog. so here it goes…

The whole concept behind Popchips is that they are not fried or baked, but “popped” like popcorn. There website says “We take wholesome potatoes, add a little heat and pressure, and pop! It’s a chip!” I started to eat the chips, they tasted pretty good, crispy and salty like a chip and nice and tangy because of the vinegar. Then as I was eating I flipped over the bag and read the ingredients.

When I eat potato chips, I like to see only a few ingredients, potato, salt, oil for frying. When I read “natural potato ingredients” I was surprised.  I figured they had figured out a way to “pop” potatoes like popcorn (maybe by dehydrating and adding high heat, like popcorn), but they had to deconstruct the potato and use bi-products to get the desired effect.  While this tasted good, it really turned me off. I think, since I’m not an eat chips by the bag full, type of person, I prefer the good old potato chip, made from whole potatoes.  That’s just my opinion. I think everyone should try them and let me know what you think. Do you prefer less calories and fat, no matter how it has to happen?

We’re glad that we got to do this great giveaway! Thanks to So Delicious for sponsoring it!

Stay tuned for another awesome giveaway we have coming soon….


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