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April 6, 2011 / veganfavorites

Knowledge is power!

As a vegan I’m used to reading labels meticulously. Whenever shopping for food, I’m a pro at disseminating a label. Usually I try to eat as natural and unprocessed as possible, which makes the label reading easy. I think when people hear the word vegan it conjures up visions of that label reading in grocery stores, changing what they wear, and animal testing on cosmetics, etc. Another part of being vegan for me also has to do with being environmentally friendly.  Yes, I recycle, I bring my own bags to the grocery store, I don’t eat food that contributes to most of the gaseous pollution in the US, and I really care about products I use and the impact they have on myself, the animals, and the environment.

I already mentioned my hair routine in another post, but today I’m talking about the rest of my routine. I use an eye cream and a face cream when I get out of the shower in the morning. I know I could use a combo of natural oils, but I really still love my face lotion. I thought I had picked well, I always buy well known vegan, animal friendly, all natural stuff. So when I went to today’s favorite and found out my “natural” face cream, wasn’t so natural, I became obsessed with this site.  What site could possibly do this? Skin Deep Cosmetics Safety Database. You can use this site look up mostly anything you might use in your routine. It doesn’t have every brand and item, but when it didn’t have an item, I looked up the individual ingredients.  It ranks all of the items and ingredients on a scale of 0-10. zero being the best for you and ten being the most hazardous. It lists all the things that the ingredients in your product are linked to (cancer, neurotoxicity, etc.), and it lists each ingredient separately so you can see what the exact culprit is. It also says whether the company tests on animals.  My all “natural” face cream ranked a 7! I was so surprised! I started looking  up everything I use! I also look up everything that I use on my son, which isn’t much yet, but it really gives me peace of mind that I’m not exposing him to anything unnecessarily. So go forth and research. I’m curious what people find. Are you surprised like me?




  1. Jorie / Apr 6 2011 10:21 am

    I went through this last year and have since changed all of my skincare products! My favorite products got a 0 risk rating on the database, and they are super affordable! The website is I’ve tried almost everything from them, and love it all!!! The trial sizes are $2-$3 so you can try a lot for just a little!!! 😉


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