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April 10, 2011 / veganfavorites

Garden of Eden

Hello dear readers!  Because this weekend was too much fun and I’m just too darn tired to write my own post today, I give you a guest post by awesome VF fan Suzy.  My notes follow:
I cooked organic pinto beans this weekend for a nice rice-and-beans dish, and while it’s not that hard to cook your own beans, it did bring to mind one of my own vegan favorites:  Eden Organic canned beans.

They make like a dozen varieties, and all the ones I’ve used have no salt added and are cooked with kombu, which is how I cook my beans to tenderize and flavorize them.  The ingredient list always reads:  “{insert type of bean}, water, kombu”  This is awesome; it’s like someone cooks beans just the way I do, then cans them in BPA-free cans and puts them on my co-op market shelf.

I’m sure I’m getting way too excited about this, since it’s a product I’m sure many vegans are aware of.  Nevertheless, I think it’s worthwhile to give props to a company that cooks beans with kombu and without nasty old salt.   -Suzy

Thanks Suzy!  Beans from this company are one of my vegan favorites as well, especially because of their BPA-free cans.  If you don’t know about Bisphenol A, check it out.  You’ll want to be reducing your exposure as much as possible, and these beans make it easy to do so…. plus they’re tasty!
Got a favorite you want to share with us?  Leave a comment and let us know.  Happy Monday, everyone!
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