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April 14, 2011 / veganfavorites

Not a Favorite Anymore!

* Update 4/18/2011

They apologized! Let’s get excited for actual vegan photographs and support them again when it happens! Glad they came around!

Quarrygirl broke this story about VegNews last night.  VegNews was listed as a favorite previously and I’m SO disappointed to hear that the photos they place in their magazine that make us drool and want to make the recipes they publish, are actually meat!  Why a a magazine that should have a decent  budget to be able to have food photography done for them chooses to go against the ethics they are touting and get meaty pictures from a stock agency is perplexing. They test recipes, right? Maybe not. Who knows now.  It’s also messed up that they don’t give the photo credit required of the stock company when posting photos they buy. Not only that, but in her expose I noticed actual blogs. Are they stealing photos too? Like Quarrygirl said, it really puts their editorial integrity into question. It’s obviously no mistake, it’s done too many times for that.  I’m so disappointed right now I’m at a loss for words! I cook and bake a lot from that magazine and you do look at the photos thinking that’s what it will look like when I’m done.

Shame on VegNews for this deception. I feel like my money is trickling down to support the very industry I hate by subscribing to a magazine that buys meat-filled images. Well, no more for me! I’ll be curious to see how they handle this, they should just come clean.  They also should have seen this coming. After all they gave Quarrygirl an award for uncovering wrongs like this. Thanks to her diligent commitment to all things vegan, we know the truth!  So Quarrygirl, you’re the favorite of the day!  Thanks for all your diligent research!



They handled it poorly, and didn’t even address the  editorial deception of not giving credit to the actual photographer and the agency as required.  I agree that everyone has a right to an opinion, and this was mine 🙂

Yes, magazines all photoshop their images. I have no problem with that. I don’t like giving my money to anyone committing animal atrocities, by buying those photos and putting them in the magazine I subscribe to, I’m now contributing unknowingly.  Yes, I’m sure I unknowingly contribute in many ways, I just didn’t think it would come in the form of a VEGAN magazine.

Yes, It is expensive to hire food photographers and the food stylists that usually come with them.  How about getting photo students? Good photos and free. Or take the money you spend on stock photography and invest in an inexpensive lighting kit (they do exist). I also bet if you did get that kit, a nice vegan photographer would show you how to use it and then you would be good to go.

Your apology wasn’t very good, mainly because you didn’t apologize for spending my money on animal laden food, and you don’t seem to feel bad at all.  In fact your opening statement really just seemed like you regretted that we found out you were using meat photos. Sad really…


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