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April 21, 2011 / veganfavorites

Moo Cluck

A couple weeks ago I found myself perusing the vegan dessert refrigerator at my local Whole Foods looking for something yummy.  My usual craving includes a need for both peanut butter and chocolate. I found the perfect thing: A peanut butter creme filled chocolate cupcake! Who makes such a delicious concoction?  Moo Cluck!

Moo Cluck Cupcake, courtesy of Moo Cluck themselves!

The chocolate cake was so moist and delicious, and the dense peanut butter filling was just what I wanted.  I recommend trying to wait for the cupcake to come to room temperature before enjoying, I think the creme filling would be lighter that way (I did not, but it was still good) .  Looking at the cute cow on the label, knowing you can eat the cupcake and do no harm to it or others is an extra bonus!

Moo Cluck is a small operation out of Babylon, NY.  The are relatively new and just building business. Let’s hope they become really popular so everyone can get these! If your local Whole Foods doesn’t carry them yet, you can order by calling them. Check out some of the other things they offer here. I think the cheesecake also looks delicious! I’ll take one!


PS- I delivered on the PB & C promise, now stay tuned for Monday when we have the first of four super duper giveaways of previous vegan favorites!

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