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May 19, 2011 / veganfavorites

Cleaning Up

Twice a year or so, I like to give my system a clean-out, and generally that means a few days of raw food followed by a juice cleanse followed by a few days of raw food.  This always leaves me feeling healthier… and ready for more sweet potato fries and chocolate! My fave for the day is a San Francisco-only cleanse (since they don’t deliver outside of SF and Marin) but I have a nation-wide fave too that I’ll share below.  First, meet Urban Remedy.

I am currently doing the 3 day Signature Cleanse.  During the 3 days you drink 6 elixirs a day, all of which have been delivered to you the evening before the cleanse.  The first is a green drink, the second a slightly-spicy (thanks to some cayenne) acai lemonade, the third is cucumber, and fourth (and my personal favorite) a beet/carrot juice, the fifth is a raspberry and chia concoction, and lastly you get vanilla cashew milk for dessert.  They are filled with good-for-you things like lemon and ginger and they are all seriously delicious. (REALLY!)

If you live in other parts of the world, I highly recommend moving here BluePrint Cleanse.  I’ve used them in the past and I love their Excavation Cleanse, but I will no longer pay for shipping plastic bottles cross country from NY when I can get the cutest mason jars hand-delivered to my doorstep.  Still, they’re good stuff.  Try ’em if you’re not near SF.

Hope your body is feeling as good as mine is right now and that you have a wonderfully fantastic weekend!


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