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May 30, 2011 / veganfavorites

Happy Memorial Today!

It’s a lovely summer day here in NJ, where I’m visiting family and friends and remembering what real summer feels like.  I’m also attending the obligatory BBQs that happen this weekend.  As the vegan at the BBQ, I spend a lot of time trying to avoid eye contact with the meat-filled grill, but there is one thing us vegans and omnivores can agree on:  Chips and guacamole.  No guacamole will ever top my own version, but my new favorite chips was a staple at yesterday’s BBQ.  Garden of Eatin’s chips are the perfect crispy accompaniment to any dip really, but with guacamole they are great!

In particular, I am in love with the Sesame Blues.  The only ingredients are organic blue corn, oil, sesame seeds, and salt.  They have a deep nutty flavor and are sturdy enough to hold up to the heartiest dips.  A win for both vegans and omnis alike.   And now, I’m off to enjoy this vacation of mine.  I’ll be back Wednesday with some other delicious treats I can’t wait for you to try.   Meanwhile have a wonderful day off and bring some Sesame Blues to your own party!


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