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June 2, 2011 / veganfavorites

Happy Baby = Happy Mom

I figured since this week is all about my baby  toddler, I would talk about my favorite food for him!  It took a long time for him to be able to eat b/c of this awful gag reflex he had, so we had to stick with the pureed stuff for a long time. We still use it with regular food, and this stuff has proven a favorite with him and me!  It’s Happy Baby Foods!  They have a great selection of vegan options for my boy; he loves the banana, blueberry, beet and the spinach, pear, broccoli (and so do I). The puffs of all flavors are also a fave!  He calls them puff, puffs and can’t get enough (literally, if they make an appearance he would eat the whole container if I let him!) They have a ton of great combos that include great vitamins and minerals, and some contain the salba seed for an extra awesome vitamin punch! 

They all come in BPA free pouches for easy travel and minimal waste.  This stuff is awesome, so if your looking for great snacks and food for your kids or yourself (yes, I would snack on these!) grab some packs. You can get them on Amazon with subscribe and save for under a dollar each! I had thought I would be the Mom that made all my kids food from scratch, but I don’t (who has the time?) and I’m so glad I found these. They are a lifesaver and make me feel good about what I’m serving my boy!


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