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June 9, 2011 / veganfavorites

Fro-Yo, Yo!

Okay so I know I told you I’d write about my birthday dinner in Philly, but it ended up being more of an Eats Well With Others post, so go check it out over there and read all about how magnificent it was.  Meanwhile, the heat here in NJ has caused me to take inspiration from Shelley, and tell you about my favorite frozen treat – Frozen Yogurt! Now, frozen yogurt that is vegan is a rarity, I know, but there is a place near my house in SF that is knocking it out of the park: Fraiche!

That’s their organic soy topped with berries from a visit a while back.  So tangy and refreshing and full of probiotics – I love it!  So, imagine how happy I was to find vegan fro-yo in Princeton, NJ the other day!  I didn’t snap a photo, but Fruity Yogurt has some, at least at the Princeton location, and the man behind the counter assured me it’s a staple among their rotating flavors.  Hooray!  While Fraiche’s product is superior, this will surely hit the spot for a cooling delicious treat if you’re in NJ.

Not in NJ or SF?  Well there are tons of recipes on the internet for making your own, so google it and get to work!  Whole Soy used to put out a vegan frozen yogurt that was so good, but it seems to have disappeared.  Anyone know where it went?  😦

No matter what means of refreshment you’re choosing this summer, I hope you’re staying cool and satisfying that sweet tooth!  I’ll be back in SF on Monday, and already know one of my first stops will be Fraiche.  I’ll be posting shortly after getting my frozen fix.


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