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June 20, 2011 / veganfavorites

Cafe Indigo a go-go

I’m sure I mention the carrot cake from this place a while ago. But I have tried a few more things recently that made my tongue dance with happiness. So I decided to make them a favorite in their own right! Cafe Indigo is located in Concord, NH, but if you can’t get there and happen to live in the metropolitan Boston area, just head over to your local Whole Foods and grab one of the chocolate chip bars, or a slice of the heavenly carrot or chocolate cake! It’s delicious!

Also, if your lucky enough to get one of the mini-lemon poppy seed cakes, you must! They are one of my favorite things! They also make some great seitan! If you are not fortunate enough to live near a source for this deliciousness, they do ship!  Get ordering!


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