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June 21, 2011 / veganfavorites

Vegan Vacation

I have been known to plan entire trips around eating at a certain vegan restaurant (this is how I got to know Fort Lauderdale, FL) but until recently I’ve never stayed in an all vegan hotel.  And yet, there’s one only a few hours away from me in Mendocino, CA.  Meet my new fave, The Stanford Inn.

First of all, the grounds are gorgeous.  Most of the produce used in the hotel’s all-vegan restaurant, Ravens’, is grown on property and guests are encouraged to wander and see what might be on the dinner menu.  And, if spending the bucks for dinner isn’t in your budget, your room comes with breakfast in the restaurant included!  Check out my delicious Portobello Benedict with Sweet Potato “fries”:

My husband’s favorite breakfast was the French Toast but, breakfast aside, it was just so nice knowing that everything – from the welcome chocolates to the turndown cookies – was all vegan.  I loved my stay for that reason, but also because the spa services are great, the pool is indoor and heated, and Mendocino itself is gorgeous!  I really can’t think of a better getaway for a vegan (or veg-curious) person to take.  I already can’t wait to go back.


PS-  I wrote up my whole dinner at Ravens’ Restaurant over at Eats Well With Others, so feel free to check it out. Warning: Drooling on your computer may result.


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