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June 27, 2011 / veganfavorites

Heido Ho Organics

I love me some vegan cheese.  And I do mean SOME.  Not all v-cheese is created equal, and some is created downright crappy, but I’m always game to try something new, and I do believe I have a new fave.  A while ago I supported Heido Ho Organics, a new vegan cheese venture, in their Kickstarter campaign, and, when they got their funding, I was sent two of their flavors. Both Smoked Gouda and Chipotle Cheddar arrived on my doorstep, begging to be devoured.

Being the nutrition freak I am, I first flipped those packages over and read the vital info.  Made primarily from hazelnuts and with less than 400 calories for the whole block?  Time to dig in.

I started with the smoked gouda.  I wanted to love it, really, but I needed more smoke.  It was tasty, but didn’t have the oomph I was looking for.  Not so with the cheddar.  This had a really nice kick to it!  It was great just on the crackers I was using, but I am now dying to make the Chipotle Cheddar Mashed Potatoes listed in the recipe section of their site.   Sounds so good!  Overall, I really like Heido Ho cheeses.  The texture is a bit too much like tofu, but the flavor is really nice and I love that it’s soy free and made by awesome people.  Right now they are only for sale in Oregon, but I think that will be changing soon, so keep glued to their Facebook page for updates.

On Wednesday I promise to tell you all about my hands down number one favorite vegan cheese of all time.  I can’t believe I’ve kept it to myself for so long!  Do you have a fave v-cheese?  Do share!




  1. Jennifer / Jul 1 2011 1:50 pm

    I like the follow your heart vegan gourmet Mozzarella cheese. Their Nacho is good too although I am not a fan of the cheddar.

  2. Vegan4ever / Feb 17 2013 12:46 pm

    Nothing beats opening up a recipe book and making some faux cheese yourself. But if you’re going to buy some, I prefer sticking with the less processed ones like this and Nutty Cow.


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