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July 13, 2011 / veganfavorites

Lightlife Day 3

What up VF readers?  Ready for some more LL?  Thought so…..

The third product from Lightlife that I got to try was their Smoky Tempeh Strips.  Shelley tried these too, but she was not nearly as enamored as I was.  In fact, I’ve used these before and continue to love them! The tempeh has a deeply smoked flavor, reminiscent of bacon (I think… it’s been a LONG time), and I love the chewy bite along with the crispness that comes from pan frying it. Shelley made a sandwich out of hers, but I love them alongside waffles or in breakfast burritos. It is also wonderful cooked up, chopped up, and added to tomato soup (or to my favorite corn soup).  Since I didn’t take any pics of this one, here’s one from their website of what is easily my favorite Lightlife product:

Now that you have my favorite, let’s meet my husband’s, shall we?  The last product up for my review, and number one in his book, was the Original Smart Ground.  For my cooking experiment, I started with it straight from the package:

Then I crumbled it up in a skillet, along with some olive oil, carrots, and garlic:

I then added a jar of good tomato sauce and came away with a fine looking bowl of pasta if I do say so myself:

It had way too much protein meatiness for my liking, but my husband gobbled it all up in no time.  If you like meat sauces, this would be a great alternative!  The texture is pretty good, and I could see using it in tacos in the future.

All in all, I was impressed with Lightlife products.  However, I would buy them much more often if they used organic, or at least non-GMO, soy.  I am also disappointed that they are not a fully vegan company!  I’d love to see them stop using eggs and go completely cruelty-free across the board. That being said, I was happy to try these foods out, and I hope that you’ll give them a try too.  To that end, don’t forget about Friday’s contest….and stay tuned for Shelley’s wrap up tomorrow!




  1. Rhonda Sawtelle / Jul 13 2011 9:26 am

    The pasta dish sure looks good. It’s great to “see” different recipes. The pictures are awesome… sure make me hungry! But, I’m allergic to soy, so can’t use the Smoky Tempeh Strips. ;>(

    • veganfavorites / Jul 13 2011 3:01 pm

      Sorry we’re going so soy-heavy this week. I’ll make sure to throw in some non-soy goods next week! 🙂


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