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July 25, 2011 / veganfavorites

Mmmm….. Exotic!

I love a good, crunchy, cracker.  They’re great for dipping, slathering with pb&j, topping with vegan cheese, or just on their own.  That being said, I’ve tried quite a few varieties over the years.  Lately, however, I keep returning to the same ones over and over.  My new favorite are light and airy whole grain squares that just also happen to be gluten-free!  Meet the Exotic Rice Toasts, brought to you by Edward and Sons:

My particular fave is the Purple Rice and Black Sesame variety, but I’ve had all three and they’re all tasty.  I’m not sure how ‘exotic’ they are, unless exotic means ‘crispy, delicious, vehicle for any number of dips be them sweet or savory’, but I’m willing to excuse the label because I love them so much.  Just this past weekend I dipped these into hummus and used them as a base for vegan cream cheese and cucumber, topped with chives.  (Because I’m fancy that way.) Oh, and the Edward and Sons company is a good one to support, you guys.  Just check out their super long list of vegan products!

No matter what you do with these crackers, I promise that they’ll become a staple in your pantry. Let me know if you try them – and have a scrumptious Monday everyone.


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