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July 27, 2011 / veganfavorites

Corny Crunches

I’m feeling compelled to continue this crunchy theme we seem to have going this week and let you all know about my other favorite light and crispy treat, Corn Thins!

I love the original variety and I always buy the organic version because, frankly, non-organic corn scares me. These discs are thin but sturdy concoctions made of 99% corn, with just a little sunflower oil and salt added. They stand up well to just about any topping, like pb&j, mustard and slices of Tofurky, or a shmear of vegan cream cheese and veggies.  Better still, slather on some Earth Balance and pretend you’re eating popcorn – tastes just like it.  The fact that each delicious circle only has about 20 calories doesn’t hurt either!

On Friday I’ll tell you about one last crunchtastic item – only this one doesn’t stay crunchy.  It kind of gets, well….  you’ll see.  🙂



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