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August 2, 2011 / veganfavorites

Safe in the Sun

My posts this week will probably be on the short side, as I’ve got friends in town and I’m playing tour guide and hostess with the mostest.  This past weekend, for example, we stayed up in Napa.  Escaping the cold fog of San Francisco in the summer is always a treat, and getting to drink loads of good wine in the sunshine is my idea of heaven.   However, wine can make you forget how long you’ve been in said sunshine, and that can lead to the unpleasant side effect of burning.  Not my idea of heaven. Therefore, I always prepare with a good sunblock.  My favorite?  Mychelle’s Sun Shield.

This light and nourishing formula always keeps me protected without being greasy and smelly and clogging my pores. Better still is that Mychelle is a very vegan friendly company, keeping a long and updated list of their animal friendly products.  So get out there in the sun safely.  I know I will…



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