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August 12, 2011 / veganfavorites

Spread it on Thick!

Let’s keep with the sweet breakfast theme we have this week, shall we?  For those vegans out there who grew up eating toast slathered with Nutella for breakfast, and I personally know many of you, a substitute for that chocolate-hazelnut delight has long been sought after.  The magical combination of filberts and cacao is pretty great, but almost every spread available also contains icky milk.  Not being one of the Nutella addicts out there, I didn’t really care about the lack of a vegan version, but when Justin’s came out with theirs a while back, I tried it.  I immediately loved the taste, but the grainy, dry texture wasn’t doing it for me. I know a lot of other vegans who felt the same way, so I am happy to report we now have a richly decadent and ‘creamy’ alternative from an amazing (even Oprah thinks so!) company called Askinosie.

Their “Hey, Hey Hazelnut!” is a smoothly spreadable wonder made only from hazelnuts, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, and organic sugar.  I even wrote the company to make sure there wasn’t anything else in there and they replied right away that it was, indeed, vegan.  It’s not marketed as such, so thank goodness I like to wander store aisles reading labels like a freak!  A lot of their other chocolate products are vegan too, but this spread is unique and definitely worth trying – especially if you miss your Nutella like so many vegans do.

Have a sweetly spreadable weekend, everyone!  🙂




  1. Tofu Mom (Marti) / Aug 14 2011 9:54 am

    Ahhhhhh!! Where would I find this loveliness? Looks SO. YUMMY.

    • veganfavorites / Aug 14 2011 2:32 pm

      I got mine at a specialty food store near my apartment, but you can order it online at the link in the post. Delicious stuff! -Sky

  2. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan / Aug 15 2011 8:04 am

    I didn’t know Askinosie made a Nutella-like spread, whoa! Their factory is just 2 hours away from me in Springfield, Missouri…I’ve always wanted to go tour it 😀

    • veganfavorites / Aug 15 2011 10:32 am

      You should! Of course not all their products are vegan, but I’m a sucker for a factory tour myself. Maybe you’ll even get samples! 🙂 -Sky

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