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August 30, 2011 / veganfavorites

New Version of an Old Fave

Shelley is back in Boston now, but I’m still here in Portland for a few more hours.  We had a fantastic time together, and now I’m enjoying some relaxing breakfast time in the hotel.  What am I eating, you ask?  Well, while at the conference, we were lucky enough to try a boatload of new products just hitting the market, and I’m enjoying one such item right now.  This one will be very familiar to you, as Shelley wrote about the company before, but this new flavor is definitely MY favorite.  Meet the Larabar Blueberry Muffin.

Maybe it’s because my favorite variety of muffin is blueberry, but I just love this bar.  Made from only dates, cashews, vanilla, lemon, and (of course) blueberries, this healthy snack makes a satisfying light breakfast with a cup of earl grey tea (thank you, hotel).  It’s got big berry flavor and that signature Larabar delightfully chewy texture I love.   If you enjoy blueberry muffins, I challenge you to try this healthier alternative and see if it doesn’t become your new fave as well.  Enjoy!


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