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September 7, 2011 / veganfavorites

Upton’s Chorizo

As I promised, I’m coming at you with something spicy today since I’m feeling the heat here in Austin, TX.   While at the conference in Portland, Shelley and I learned about a new seitan company hitting the market:  Upton’s Naturals.

First of all, I love that every flavor in their line is represented by a different style of mustache.  So cute, right? We were lucky enough to sample them all, and Shelley’s favorite was actually the natural, a clean-shaven Upton. However, if you like things a little hotter, try the chorizo.  Ok, ok, so it’s actually not all that spicy, but it’s got a slight kick and overall warmth that would go well in a burrito, scrambled in some tofu, or crumbled atop nachos and smothered in vegan queso.

No matter the variety, the Upton’s Naturals seitan is high quality stuff, and the people behind it are super awesome and nice as all get out.  We loved talking with them at the conference and are hoping to to see their products in our stores soon. Right now, you can buy it online at Vegan Essentials, but I’m going to be requesting it in the Bay Area, and you should do the same at your local natural food store or Whole Foods.  Let’s get that mustached man in the market!



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