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September 19, 2011 / veganfavorites

Los Angeles Fave

I’m here in Los Angeles, following a wedding this weekend.  Good times were had by all, I assure you – not only at the wedding, but in meeting with some friends at one of my favorite Los Angeles vegan eateries:  Real Food Daily.

There are a few locations of RFD (the newest being inside LAX – yay for vegan traveling options!) but I totally heart the Santa Monica incarnation.  Mostly because I really like Santa Monica and wandering around pre or post-dinner is always fun. Anyhoo, it’s always a challenge to decide what to order from their extensive menu, but on this trip I had their amazing RFD Burger (above) and it was delicious.  Get it with the hickory BBQ sauce.  Mmmmmm.  Also, screw the salad it comes with and get the potato salad instead – a $2.50 substitution you will not regret.  Almost kept me from fitting in my bridesmaid dress, but well worth it.  Of course I DID also have dessert…

Chocolate chip cookie with a scoop of chocolate ice cream.  I could not resist.  I was glad I didn’t.  🙂 If you find yourself in Santa Monica, go.  Even the omnivores I’ve taken to Real Food Daily have loved it.

Back to SF with me in a few hours, so I’ll report on another fave from there on Wednesday.  Have a great Monday, everyone!


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