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October 28, 2011 / veganfavorites

Vegan Halloween Links

With Halloween coming up I figured I would just remind you of some of the yummy vegan things you can indulge in this year. Here is the list from Peta Kids. It has a bunch of things that you would find in those bags that kids bring home at night. Noanimal filled Reese’s and snickers, but twizzlers are allowed to be devoured! May I suggest replacing the snickers that are brought home with Jokerz? Or adding some Lovely Oh’s to the mix for good measure? However you fill it, we are fortunate to have many delicious (although not nutritious) vegan treats! Go forth and trick or treat!

If you are in the Boston area this weekend don’t forget to check out the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. It should be awesome as usual!


PS don’t forget to enter the Spork Foods Cookbook Giveaway!

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