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November 7, 2011 / veganfavorites

A Meatles Monday Fave

I’ve talked about Cafe Indigo before, they have so many great things to eat in their restaurant and goodies at Whole Foods in the Northeast region. I was volunteering for the Boston Veg Fest this year and helped do the load in on sat. morning. I was so excited when Cafe Indigo was loading in and I noticed they had a sign for the cheese steaks I had heard so much about. They were selling a four pack for $10 (a total bargain), of course I purchased a pack.  I made one for dinner the other night ( I apologize for the crude phone pic.)

It comes with the Cafe Indigo award winning seitan and Daiya, I added a bit of tomato sauce while cooking.  Delicious! This makes a perfectly easy Meatless Monday meal.  If you don’t live in New England, you can order from their website. I don’t see the cheese steaks, but I do see the awesome Thanksgiving seitan roll (it will be on my table for Thanksgiving this year) I bet if you ask nice they might be able to ship these sandwich fillings too!

I’ll be back on Friday with some yummy things I have tried and a giveaway of some cute things I picked up at the Veg fest for you guys.

Enjoy your Monday!


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