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December 5, 2011 / veganfavorites

Cruelty Free Holiday Ideas…

As I mentioned last week, I’m delving into the holidays head first with a bunch of posts about gift ideas and entertaining.  Today I’m bringing you some ideas for gifts from previous favorites that I think would make great gifts. Even if your giftee isn’t vegan, they won’t be disappointed with these things.

I like to make baskets of things for people that include a smattering of things they might be interested in. It’s fun to put together and equally as fun to receive.  I always try to choose something reusable to put everything on or in, go for a glass vase, a nice basket or a ceramic bowl to start, then choose your items to fill it.

Do You know a chocolate lover (like us @ veganfavorites)? Try some of our favorite Chocolate items:

Nicobella Truffles


Obsessive Confection Disorder

Fine and Raw chocolate bar

How about a smattering of some of our other favorite vegan treats?

Liz Lovely cookies

JJ Sweets Cocomels

Newmans Oh’s

Eat Pastry cookie dough

Qbel Chocolate bar

Have someone that might appreciate some healthier options? Try these:

Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food

Lara Bar

Kale Chips (homemade of course)

Chia seeds (attach the recipe to the bag)

Some cruelty free clothing and accessories:

Meat has Feelings (just discovered at BVS, a new fave!)

Compassion Co. (just discovered at BVS, another new fave!)


Chooze Shoes (charity and gift in one)

Global Girlfriend (another win-win)

Matt n’ Nat

The Vegan Collection

Some great ways to round out your gift might be to add a reusable snack bag or two. If your going fancier with your gift, try adding a bottle of vegan wine. For something simple and small Hurraw! is awesome. If your having guests over, put some Moxie soaps in your bathroom, they’ll love them.

Also great would be the Etsy ideas I mentioned last week.

Hope all of these ideas help you with your holiday shopping. When you go to these small cruelty free companies it’s a win-win for you and the animals!

Friday I’ll be back with some entertaining ideas for this busy time of year.



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