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January 29, 2012 / veganfavorites

Childhood Fave

While shopping in my jetlag haze early last week, I skipped my normal path through the market and wandered the aisles, seeing what caught my eye along the way.  So many new-to-me vegan goodies did I find!  One particularly awesome discovery were these treats that I used to eat as a kid:

I’m not sure if windmill cookies are inherently vegan, but these from Heaven Scent sure are.  Not only that, but they’re sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar.  I got the variety pictured, which has a nice light almond flavor, but the traditional is also vegan.  I love food nostalgia, and these brought me right back to grandma’s house.  If you can’t find ’em near you, they’re available online HERE.  Enjoy!


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