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February 10, 2012 / veganfavorites

MyChelle does it again!

I have posted about Mychelle before, twice actually, and Sky has posted about using MyChelle as well, so I would say MyChelle is definitely a favorite here. Recently they started a blog and invited people to sign up via Facebook and Twitter. The first 500 to do so received a free Supreme Polypeptide Cream Unscented.

I’m assuming that this was being given away because it was reformulated and not being sold in the form I received anymore. The other item like this one has a few more ingredients in it, but this seems to be the closest on the web site. Anyway, this stuff is great, so I’m hoping that, for some reason, I just can’t find it on their site. I put it on right after washing my face and it went on really smooth and didn’t feel greasy at all. I rubbed it in and then forgot I even put on lotion. My face feels really soft and it complimented my MyChelle eye cream really well. It is unscented, but seemed to have a faint scent of fresh when I was applying it. I love it. Also, as a bonus, when I called to place my order for the free cream, I spoke to the nicest person on the phone.  It made me want to buy everything from them, forever. A little customer service goes a long way in my book. So I encourage everyone to use their awesome products.


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