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February 22, 2012 / veganfavorites

Peppery Provisions

I don’t go for animal meat analogues very often, but lately I’ve been finding myself with the need to bring a lunch to go.  My tried and true salads tend to get wilted and gross over time, so in such cases, I turn to the trusty sandwich.  Sure, I could go hummus, or avocado… but those also get a bit lackluster in the hours between leaving the house and eating.  Not so with my fave today, Tofurky‘s Peppered Deli Slices.

Thrown on some bread with a slather of mustard, these make for one great sandwich.  Packed with protein and a fun peppery kick, they are delicious as well as filling, and they hold up well in transit.  I just add some kale chips and a green drink (gotta get my greens) and I’ve got the perfect lunch for someone on the go.  Speaking of being on the go, I’m off.  Here’s to a happy Wednesday, everyone!



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  1. TAS / Mar 28 2012 7:06 am

    Looking for a new lunch idea, I remembered your post about the Tofurkey deli slices. Having had them in the past, and not being a fan, I was a bit hesitant of the purchase. But, since I trust you, I took a chance. I opted for the hickory smoked flavor. I sampled a slice last night while making my lunch for today. Absolutely delicious! So delicious that I want to eat my sammy right now – at 9:00 AM!!!! I will definitely be trying the other flavors! Just smooth some veganaise on some bread or pita, add some lettuce, tomatoes, deli slices & vegan cheese and you’re good to go! Thanks for the post / review – as that is what motivated me to try the deli slices again after all these years!!

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