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March 9, 2012 / veganfavorites

Mamma Chia, Mamma Chia

Chia seeds are everywhere right now. Why not, they are super good for you, might as well put them in everything, right? Well today’s fave is kind of interesting use of the seeds. Mamma Chia went and put them into juice.


It’s a little strange because chia seeds get very gelatinous in liquid, like tapioca. I thought of these drinks kind of like a bubble juice, vs. a bubble tea. I drank the juice without chewing the seeds and I really liked it. I tried the cherry lime juice and it was like a raspberry, lime rickey, but cherry instead. Plus it packs an extra nutritional punch. I can see people being put off by the seeds in the juice, but I say try it, you might be pleasantly surprised.



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