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March 14, 2012 / veganfavorites

So Delicious Almond Based Products

I was so excited to arrive home from a hard day of work to find 2 huge boxes of So Delicious‘ new products at my door. Inside was 5 pints of the new ice cream and 2 half gallons of milk. I love when companies send things to try ahead of time. Especially when I love everything they have made before, the new stuff has to be good, right? Let’s see what I find…

First up was the new Almond Milk based Ice Cream. I didn’t even read the information, I just dove in, starting with the Mocha Almond Fudge flavor. I liked it on first bite, then I handed it over to my husband, the flavor still lingering on my tongue. It was then I noticed a familiar taste, one that I can always detect, no matter how small the amount. It was a fake sugar after taste that, for me, is not very pleasant. I looked at the label and sure enough in the list of ingredients I saw the culprit: Erythritol. I’m not a fan of any of the -tols (xylitol, sorbitol, etc.), for some reason I can taste it instantly and do not like the taste or what it makes my body feel like. Generally I can say that myself and the -tols don’t get  along. Which is really too bad, because if it wasn’t in the almond based products, I would love them. What I have tasted so far is really good (except for that aftertaste). The flavors are right on, I loved the Butter Pecan flavor the most, and tasted the Erythritol the least in that one. The Mocha Almond Fudge mini bars were also good. So Delicious says in the press release that people were asking for less sugar in their products and that they happily obliged in a natural way with Monk fruit. Well that’s true, plus the -tol, which technically is plant based, so I guess it is also natural (in the most unnatural way possible). A lot of people don’t have the same sensitivity to the -tols as I do, so to you I say go forth and try this stuff. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. As for me, I will stick with my favorite coconut based So Delicious ice cream.

The Almond Milk on the other hand was awesome. It did not contain the offending ingredient and tasted really good. They sent the original and the vanilla milk flavors. Both were sweet and would be great washing down some yummy baked goods, or on your favorite cereal. They also have a ton of protein in them and 50% of your DV in b12. These milks were a definite home run.

Since most of my fridge and freezer is already filled with So Delicious products that I buy all the time, I definitely won’t feel bad that they finally made a product I didn’t love (the ice cream), but I’m happy that they are branching out, and maybe they will make a version of the almond ice cream without the fake tasting sugar, I’d be all over it. I still think that So Delicious is a fave for all the rest of my previous favorites that I can’t live without.


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