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March 16, 2012 / veganfavorites

Cool Hot Cakes

I love getting to sample a wide array of flavors at once, whether it be small plates of savories or the cake tasting I did for my wedding.  Not unlike the latter, check out this sampler I got (FOR FREE due to a shipping miscommunication with a VeganCuts deal) from Kat’s Hot Cakes!

I love the saying on their website that “staying ‘hot’ is a piece of cake with healthy treats from Kat’s kitchen”, though I’m pretty sure sugar and oil don’t keep anyone feeling too hot for too long. 🙂  In any case, these all-vegan treats are also all organic and extremely tasty.  The plate above consisted of  one “Oh, Oh Orange Cake”, two “Kat’s Killer Carrot Cakes”, two “Ms. Barry’s Molasses Muffins” and one “Lick the Plate Carob Cake”.  For my spreading pleasure there was also a little container of “Baby, it’s Better Than Butter Creme”… and boy is it!  That little tub o’ frosting was one of my favorite items, but my pick for best cake was a surprise even to me, as its main ingredient is something I despised when I first went vegan – carob.  In Kat’s able hands, this normally chalky powdered pod is transformed into a rich and decadent chocolatey treat.  Kudos, Kat!

I may have received this batch of goodness for free, but I’d certainly pay for them in the future, and I suggest you get yourself some as well.  Enjoy…. and have a great weekend, everyone!


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