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March 28, 2012 / veganfavorites

I thought we were friends…

I’ve been in beautiful San Francisco for a conference this week, which meant I also got to spend time my lovely blogging partner. Usually this time includes indulging in many delicious vegan offerings, and this trip was no different.  Since I was starving when I arrived, we began with a quick trip to Whole Foods to get some salad bar. When we walked in someone was sampling delicious looking vegan cookies, so of course I tried them. They were awesome, and I asked if Sky had heard of them. “Of course, they’ve been around forever.”  What?! You’ve been hiding these amazing cookies from me? I thought we shared everything…

Lucky for you guys, I talk about the good stuff I find right away, I’m not keeping anything from you! So I implore you to run out (or order online) these amazing No Cookies. What’s a No Cookie? It’s a cookie that has No Dairy, No Eggs and No Refined Sugar, No Wheat, No Hydrogenated Oils, and No Trans Fat, and TONS of flavor.

I loved the Carob Mint, Coconut and the Chocolate Chip flavors I tried.  I think I’ll have to forgive Sky’s transgression on this one, only because she has introduced me to so many other yummy vegan things. Plus, we basically ate our way through San Francisco in just a couple days. She’ll be rolling me to the airport tonight after one last amazing meal. I’ll be sad to go, but I saved some No Cookies for the plane.  🙂


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  1. veganfavorites / Mar 28 2012 8:29 am

    Forgive me! I don’t often think to write about items that I’ve been loving for years. I’ll have to rack my brain for more oldies but goodies. No Cookies really do rule. -Sky

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