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April 2, 2012 / veganfavorites

It Really Does Feel Good to Payless

It’s another guest post from my Aunt Suzy, y’all!  This time she gets some animal-free workwear.  Enjoy!

Okay, so I got this great new job and my office wardrobe is sadly lacking, especially in the footwear department.  I’d been putting off shoe shopping for fear that cruelty-free shoes would be beyond the scope of my budget, but I could no longer live in my Chuck Taylors and 2 pair of nearly shot Vegetarian Shoes.  So off I went on a quest for shoes, shamed by the knowledge that if all I could afford were leather shoes, then leather it’d have to be.

My limited budget sent me straight to Payless Shoes where, as usual, I found tons of cute stuff (above) that not only fit but actually felt good.  I dutifully checked the tags on each item, including the handbag, and was delighted to see that all were made from man-made materials. “Lucky me,” I thought, loaded down with boxes and skipping to the checkout counter.

As the sales clerk rang me up, I cheerfully commented on how sweet it was to find such cute shoes with none made from leather, being that I’m vegan and all.  She smiled at me and said, “Yeah, Payless no longer sells shoes made from leather.  Pretty cool, huh?”  “Really?!” I said.  “Yep,” she said.

Not exactly an official corporate press release, but I’m hoping it’s true.  I mean dang, their stuff is so cute (LOOK at the picture, people!) and so reasonable.  Now I don’t know whether Payless shoes still uses glue made from animal products, but “no leather” is a huge start.  My new vegan favorite is Payless Shoes!

-Sky’s Aunt Suzy

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