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April 18, 2012 / veganfavorites

Heaven Scent

The first time I smelled today’s fave, I was overwhelmed with happiness that something could smell so good AND be portable and sprayable and make my surroundings, um, protected.  You see, this is the Cloud of Protection I’m talking about… and it is awesome.

By Nieves makes this glorious room spray in order to defend you “against illness, bad vibes, and stinkiness,” according to the adorable label.  Made from good smelling things like juniper, rose, cedar, and eucalyptus, it really does lift the spirits and freshen any area.  I like to spray it on my pillows before bed so I dream good dreams.  It works!   Really, I can think of no better way to get rid of the Wednesday doldrums than a hearty spritz of Cloud of Protection.  Spray, and inhale deeply.


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