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May 4, 2012 / veganfavorites

A Tribute to an Absolute Fave

While today’s post only has a tad relation to veganism, it has a huge relation to my life. Growing up the Beastie Boys were THE soundtrack to my junior high and high school years. The music they made was inspiring, influential, and most of all fun. I would never think of myself as the type to cry for a stranger when they died, but today, I am slightly embarrassed to say I did cry for a minute when I heard that such a huge part of my teenage soundtrack had passed away. MCA lost his battle with cancer and the world has lost an amazing and talented person. He may have only gone vegan to treat his cancer, but in his humanitarian way had been living a compassionate life for a lot longer than that.  Just wanted to pay respect.

Here is a photo by a photographer that was very influential to me (and also happens to be vegan) Glen E. Friedman:


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