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July 18, 2012 / veganfavorites

Support an Obsession

I’ve raved about Obsessive Confection Disorder in the past and the goodies she puts out continue to blow my mind, so when I saw that OCD started an Indiegogo campaign, I knew I wanted to contribute.  First of all, Melodi, the Queen of Confections, is the super nicest, most awesome lady ever.  I love her.  She puts her heart, soul, and obsession into everything she makes, like her signature (AMAZING!) sea salt caramels:

Her  candies and confections are all incredibly delicious, of course, but her mission is really to create a kinder planet, which you can help her do by contributing whatever you can to the campaign. It’s worth reading over, as some of the perks are pretty enticing.  You can get rewarded for your generosity with sweets, all while helping her to make more for other folks. Win win!

I will refrain from getting on my knees and begging, but I feel really strongly about this company, so please lend support if you can.   This is also my last post for a while as I leave for 3 months of traveling tomorrow.  Perhaps your contribution to OCD can be my going away present???   🙂

Love you, readers.  Catch you on the flip side….


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