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November 15, 2012 / veganfavorites

Not Soyummi

Today I’m bringing you a so/so favorite (they can’t all be winners, right). I’m always on the lookout for vegan goodies when I travel to various cities. Well, I found this in NYC and then I saw them closer to home as well. In NYC I tried the Soyummi Foods Tapioca Pudding. I was drawn in to the nice packaging, and the promise of yummy pudding.

via Soyummi website

The tapioca flavor was actually ok, not blow me away amazing, but good.

Now for a not so favorite, the chocolate flavor I found closer to home that was the big turn off. All the ingredients seemed like it would make a decent chocolate pudding, but what it made was a clumpy, slightly oily, not chocolatey tasting pudding cup that I actually ended up throwing out after a few bites. I think that says a lot, I never throw away that stuff. I usually suffer through it, never to buy again. So, I can recommend trying the Tapioca, but I would stay far away from the chocolate, far, far away.


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