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November 26, 2012 / veganfavorites

It’s Official, We’re Obsessed

Ok, I know we’ve written about the wonders of Obsessive Confection Disorder in the past, but gosh darn it if Melodi and her team don’t keep wowing us with new creations.  Since my family spent Thanksgiving weekend in Napa, I had the pleasure of meeting Mel at her kitchen and checking out some holiday treats.  Oh boy, you guys.   Check out the master at work:

And what is that amazingness she’s creating you ask?  Why, it’s none other than the delicious chocolate peppermint bark known affectionately as Winter Woof.  This magical concoction of rich dark chocolate, minty cookies, peppermint, and the perfect amount of drizzled white chocolate will blow your mind and, if you can bare to spare any, the minds of all those lucky enough to receive some as a gift.  And gift it you should, for not only will people LOVE YOU FOREVER, but 10% of all the sales also goes to the Beagle Freedom Project (hence the woofy name).  Even better?  Act soon to get double the woof (peppermint and fruity varieties) and 20% goes to the beagles!


Ordering by the stocking full is highly recommended, you guys.  Oh, and get yourself some vegan twix while you’re at it! Trust me.


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