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November 30, 2012 / veganfavorites

Afraid of Alfredo?

Well, fear not, my dear readers!  For Victoria Vegan makes a jarred alfredo to rival all the animal-secretion versions of your childhood.  Peep it:

Made from cashews, it is creamy, rich, and downright delicious. For my first tasting of this sauce, I decided to cook it up in classic style.  Here is my fettuccine alfredo, topped with chopped basil and parsley:

So good!  I added a little garlic powder too, as I like a lot of garlic taste, but other than that, it was all about the sauce.  I really hope stores near me start carrying this stuff soon, but in the meanwhile I’ll keep getting mine HERE.  Next up, I’m going to try their vegan vodka sauce.  If their regular alfredo is any indication, it should be pretty darn yummo. Have a tasty weekend, everyone!


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