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December 26, 2012 / veganfavorites

Some Like it Hot

As you know, we here at Vegan Favorites LOVE Taza Chocolate.  I had even more of my old favorite, the chocolate-covered cashews, this Christmas, but I tried a new product of theirs that I’m hot (literally) to tell you all about!


Meet their Chocolate Covered Chili Peanuts.  With a delicious heat that builds on the palate, these beauties hit every taste bud and leave the tongue singing.  I seriously love them.  If my family hadn’t devoured them all, I would have tried them in vanilla ice cream, as I think the heat would be the perfect companion to the sweet coolness.  Guess I’ll just have to get some more.  I suggest you get some too, – and soon, as they’re a limited edition treat!


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