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January 14, 2013 / veganfavorites

“Harmless” Coconut Water

2012 was the year I fell in love with coconut water.  This slightly sweet beverage is full of electrolytes and is just so damn refreshing after a a good workout.  However, all that good nutrition contained in fresh coconut water can be lost in the pasteurization and packaging that happens with most commercial offerings.  Enter Harmless Harvest:


Instead of the high heat used to kill germs in other coco waters, Harmless Harvest uses a unique pressure system.  This results in a product with incredible flavor and freshness – WAY better than anything else on the market right now.  Seriously, the stuff is so good, and you can get it at Whole Foods.  “Hard to make, easy to find” is part of their motto, after all.  I highly recommend you tool around their website a bit and learn more about their awesome philosophy and planet-friendly practices, too.  Love this company.


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