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March 4, 2013 / veganfavorites

Beautiful Bella

I eat a lot of salad.  Like a LOT.  Take whatever you think is a big salad, multiply it by two and you maybe have a third of the size of my regular salad.  Just ask Shelley.  She was amazed.  Anyway, this pretty much makes me the authority on salad dressing (or so I’d like to think), as I’m always on the lookout for varieties that are both low in calories and high in flavor.  This new favorite is both, and I’ve been using it a lot lately.


Made by Bella’s Foods, this Blackberry and Fig dressing is all organic and packed with the goodness of fruit.  Fat-free, with just a slight tang from the balsamic vinegar, it creates a lovely sweet and savory effect.  My favorite concoction so far?  Greens, chopped up Peppered Tofurky slices, blueberries, and this dressing.  The sweetness of the berries and the dressing paired with the very peppery tofurky is absolutely delicious.  Get yourself some of this dressing and try it yourself…. and have a great Monday, y’all!



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