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March 8, 2013 / veganfavorites

Keen on this Quinoa

I’m so excited, readers!  In just a few hours, I’m getting on a plane to Chicago to meet my BVFF, and co-writer of this very blog… Shelley!!!  It’s been forever since I’ve seen her, and even longer since we’ve been together without the constraints of husbands/kids.  We are looking forward to some serious friend time and, of course, to discovering new vegan favorites along the way.  But first, there is the plane ride to contend with.  I always travel with some kind of food in bar form, and today I’m grabbing my new fave, Keen-Wah Decadence.

My two favorite varieties

My two favorite varieties

Made with all-0rganic ingredients, and packed with high-quality protein (thank you, quinoa) these bars are single-handedly teaching people just how yummy whole food nutrition can be AND how to pronounce the name of the ancient grain they contain.  Better still, the only sweetener used is coconut nectar, they contain chia powder for an omega boost, and the whole shabang gets covered in chocolate.  Bar perfection, I say, all for around 200 calories.  Try some on your next flight to go meet your friend for a fun-packed weekend of all things vegan… or you know, whenever.   🙂


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