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April 19, 2013 / veganfavorites


It’s Friday, y’all, and you know what pairs perfectly with Fridays?  Beer!  Living in California, it goes without saying that I love my wine (remember when I wrote about some?) but I’ve taken a recent interest in beer (blame my Irish heritage), especially those from the local Bay Area breweries.  Some are extremely small batch, but my favorite as of late is a goodie you can get just about everywhere.  Born a mere hour away from my house, but available at a store near you, the Lagunitas IPA is a real winner.

Picture from

Picture from

It’s pretty heavy on the hops and a tad on the bitter side, but this is how I love my beers, and this one is still incredibly drinkable, promise.  Plus, no filtering with fish bladders or eggs here – just pure unadulterated vegan beery goodness.  I recommend it with something spicy… though I had some with hummus and pita the other day and that partnership was pretty darn fantastic. So I guess just drink it with whatever you want… or with nothing at all… it’s just plain delicious!

Enjoy, and have a HOPPY weekend.  🙂


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